Reliance Jio 'all in one plan,' several offers for customers


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Saving money with hotel suites...

some time off, the cost of your hotel room will rely upon what numbers of individuals are going along. On the off chance that you have a bigger family, one hotel room is basically not going to be suf

Whatsapp: Pros & Cons...

itself has turned into the piece of everyday existence of individuals everywhere throughout the world; it is an informing stage which helps in sharing messages and recordings to your loved ones in a

Frozen Food: Nutritious or not...

generally available across the multiple chains of famous outlets across the city. These frozen foods come with the flexibility of using it for days. Unlike fresh fruits, vegetables and meats which are

A tale of 2 brothers: The Ambanis...

rothers, two faiths and two different stories, just like any other family story; the story of Ambanis has conflicts, love and relationships. The interesting story of this businessman was never actuall

Lok Sabha Election 2019...

ission of India has announced the dates of the Lok Sabha polls 2019. The election is scheduled to be held in 7 phases from 11 April 2019 to 19 May 2019. The counting of votes will be conducted on 23 M