Google's video streaming site YouTube has made a big change in its policy. YouTube's new condition could be a problem for the new YouTuber. YouTube has issued a new condition, saying that if it does not earn from a channel, it can delete it or ban the channel. Let us tell you in detail what is YouTube's new condition? YouTube has published a blog called Account Suspension and Termination, that can close your YouTube account or channel if the company does not earn money from your YouTube channel. Youtube's new bet will come into effect from 10 December 2019. However, you won't find any information about how many days the company will take to suspend your account if the channel's videos are not monetized and they are not earning money.

In simple terms, if your YouTube channel has not been monetized, your channel can be closed at any time by YouTube. In this regard, YouTube sent an e-mail to all YouTubers last week. YouTube has also said, that if someone feels their channel can get deleted according to the new condition, they are allowed to download their data.

According to the new terms, YouTube has now been authorized to delete your channel, though the company will also give you a prior notice before closing the channel. The victims of this new YouTube condition will also be those who make good videos, they also have good subscribers, but their channels are not monetized.

Overall, the new condition is made solely on earnings. Simply, if you want to save your YouTube channel, you have to earn, because you will earn only then the company will earn. If we say in simple words, then YouTube has started its cleaning campaign.

Image credit: youtube