Hand Sanitizer Use: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued several advisories to avoid coronavirus pandemic, advising them to take necessary precautions. They have to do a hand wash. For this, people are using hand wash, soap, and hand sanitizer. However, frequent hand washing of hand sanitizer can also be harmful. You should use hand sanitizer regularly but in limited quantities. Let's know under what circumstances the hand sanitizer should not be used-

When something is not touched:

It has been observed that people do hand wash or hand sanitize every half an hour. If you have not touched any unwanted items, you do not need to use hand sanitizer. Instead, you can wash your hands with normal water.

When your hands are too dirty:

If you try to clean the dirty hand with a hand sanitizer, it does not benefit. First, wash your hands with clean water. Then wash with hand soap. Do not use hand sanitizer when you play in the garden, gardening, or cleaning.

When someone sneezes in front of you:

In such a situation, you don't need to use hand sanitizer. Keep wearing masks whenever you go out because the coronavirus infection spreads in the air after sneezing. It infects the person by going into the body through breathing.

When you are suffering from flu:

In the changing season, the risk of cold cough and fever remains high. These symptoms resemble the symptoms of coronavirus. Whenever you have flu, do not exit the house and use the tissue more instead of hand sanitizer.

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