India started it’s covid-19 vaccination drive on 17th january. But, results didn’t turn out to be really nice. So many people had to go through adverse side effects of the covid-vaccine.  

Bharat Biotech released a fact sheet for vaccine recipients and caregivers. The sheets says that those  people with allergies and fever should not take the Covaxine.  

People who have a bleeding disorder or are on a a blood thinner should avoid Covaxine too and those who are on medicine that affects the immune system already should also not take it.  

Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding should not take Covaxine. Incase, you have any other health related issues then you should completely avoid using Covaxine.  

Who Is Eligible For Covid Vaccine Shot?

 Currently, Covaxine is in clinical trial mode. “Individuals who are prioritised under the public health program of health ministry of health and family welfare, will be covered under this endeavour. Informing the individuals about the offer for vaccination with Covaxine will test with the respective government program officials. Those offered Covaxin at pre-specified booths will have the options to receive or reject administration of the vaccine,” the fact sheet said.  

Covaxine is an injection that goes into the deltoid muscle of the upper arm. It is a two-dose series given four weeks apart. Bharat Biotech further said.


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