The world's largest 3D printed building has been opened to the people. The building is located in Dubai. This two-story building is built in 6,900 sq ft. The building has the office of the Dubai Municipality. Let me inform you that Dubai has planned to print 25 percent of the buildings by the year 2030 to 3D. The building has been prepared under the same scheme. Labour's cost in building this particular building decreased by 70 percent. At the same time, the cost of the building decreased by 90 percent. The main thing is that fast-drying cement has been used in the building. At the same time, the elements of gypsum have also been added to it. Let us say that the cost of the building prepared from 3D printing technology comes to less than half as compared to normal material. Not only that, but it is also stronger and durable. 


However, it is not the world's first 3D printed building. This technique was first discovered in 1980 in the world. Its explorers were engineers and physicist Chuck Hull. However, the tallest 3D building in the world is in China. The building, 90 feet high, has five floors. The building has been designed by Boston's company Apis Cor. To make it, the help of a 3D printer, gypsum compound crane has been taken. In this technique, after making the walls, the windows are prepared by cutting the space separately. Nikita Chen Iun Tai, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apus Corps, said, "This is the early stages of a building prepared with 3D printed technology. It is being made accessible to more and more people. Further on the website, she said that we are thankful to Dubai Nagar Palika, who gave us this opportunity. This building recorded in the Guinness World Records as the first-ever two stories 3D-printed building and the largest one in the world by size.

Image credit: singularityhub

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