Often a message comes before the start of a film or at some intervals on television-smoking is injurious to health. Messages of tobacco prohibition are often visible through posters, banners, and audio-visual media. To emphasize these awareness campaigns, the World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on May 31 worldwide. On this day, people are made aware of the disadvantages of tobacco use. People are told how tobacco can be fatal to us. Let's know about this day in detail:

Every year there is a theme:

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated every year, according to a theme. Each time a theme is set. As this time, the theme of The Prohibition of Tobacco Day is' to protect the youth from the tactics of the industry and prevent them from using tobacco and nicotine" (Protecting youngsters from industry manipulation and prevention from tobacco and nicotine use).

History of World No Tobacco Day:

For the first time, the World No Tobacco Day was celebrated in the year 1987 by the World Health Organization. Because of the unprecedented increase in mortality due to tobacco use diseases, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic in the year 1987.

Date set for May 31

For the first time on April 7, 1988, the World Health Organization celebrated World No Tobacco Day on the anniversary of its inception. Later, a date was confirmed, and the World No Tobacco Day was observed on May 31 every year.

Damage caused by tobacco consumption:

  • Tobacco consumption smells of the mouth. 
  • Tobacco use spoils teeth.
  • Tobacco consumption weakens the eyes.
  • Tobacco use worsens the human lungs.
  • Tobacco consumption increases the risk of heart disease.
  • Its intake can cause lung and mouth cancer, which can be fatal.

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