World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated on 28th July every year. In the present context, animals, natural sources, and flora of different species are disappearing. Have you ever wondered what the reasons behind all this are? Increasing population, increasing pollution, destroying the environment, harnessing nature, and the environment... There are many reasons why there is a threat of life on Earth, natural calamities are increasing. World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated every year to make them aware of nature's responsibilities and accountability. Now you will think about what you can do towards nature conservation. Let's discuss some of the efforts that you and we can do a lot towards conservation of nature by changing our habits in this article.

Conserve water. Stop misusing water. Stop the water wherever it is being wasted. Do not use too much water for bathing, cleaning, washing carts. 

Save electricity for energy conservation. Turn off the electrical equipment as soon as it is done. In the summer days, the room can also be closed when the room cools down at night. Your electricity bill would also survive with electricity.

You know how important plants are to us. Therefore, you must apply trees to homes and public places. You can start the tradition of giving a gift plant. People have also started a large-scale adoption.

Do horticulture. Grow vegetables yourself. Vegetables in the market are grown using pesticides and chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to the environment, and such vegetables are harmful to your health. 

Buy things that can be reused, and they rot in nature, for such a paper or jute bag instead of polythene.

Do not spread dirt, throw it into the dustbin instead of throwing garbage around. If possible, composting the organic wastes themselves. No filth will not spread diseases, and compost manure can be used in the fields or in horticulture. 

Do not smoke. It is also harmful to your health and also to the environment. Use fewer vehicles to minimize air pollution. Use bicycles for short distances. Make it your habit. 

The most important thing is to tell people about nature, environment, and energy conservation. Tell more and more people about all the efforts and habits mentioned in this article.

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