What is music? A means for someone to practice for someone. Enjoy for someone then a whole life for someone—encouragement to live for someone in difficult times, someone's strength, and relief in bad times. Music is an innovation for someone, discipline for someone. In fact, music is a medium that meets our needs at many junctures in our lives. It upgrades our soul and also treats many diseases of the body. Today, we are discussing it because today is the day dedicated to music. Today is World Music Day. Let's know how it started, the history behind it, and the significance of this particular day.

Significance of Music:

Music Day is celebrated all over the world on 21st June every year. Incidentally, there is yoga day on this date. According to experts, music is also a kind of yoga. Like yoga, this is also a spiritual practice. Music keeps us happy. It also keeps physical health right with our mental health. It maintains the balance of hormones in our bodies. Music is comforting in a running life. Music is also a companion to loneliness. Sometimes in life, when we are undergoing stress or anxiety, music gives us relief and prevents depression. Music is essential for mental peace.

Music of Nature:

If we do not listen to any song, we cannot avoid music of nature from morning till night. In the morning, there is music in the dim winds, the chirping of birds, the rustle of the leaves of trees, the music of nature. Then, with the covered twilight, we hear the music of nature in the chirping of birds returning to their nests.

History of World Music Day:

World Music Day began in France on this day in the year 1982. Music Day is also known in the world as Fête de la Musique. In France, the then cultural minister announced the celebration of Music Day by the then cultural minister of the music. On this special day, big artists from all over the world present programs and do not take the money to sing or perform. Music events are organized across the globe on this special day.

According to reports, more than 32 countries were involved with France on the occasion of the first Music Day. Music events were held at different places in these countries, and people celebrated all night. In the beginning, a few countries celebrated Music Day, but later on, many countries decided on a special day for music, and thus the World Music Day was celebrated on 21st June in many countries around the world.

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