Hepatitis is a deadly disease. The liver becomes inflamed. In the absence of timely treatment, liver cirrhosis, and later liver cancer occurs. Every year, millions of people die of hepatitis. The risk of a pandemic is high for hepatitis patients. In its patients, the disease is not controlled by having COVID-19. The risk of life increases very much. Every patient of hepatitis has special care. Celebrate World Hepatitis Day on July 28 every year. This year's theme is 'Future of Hepatitis.'

What is Hepatitis:

The inflammation of the liver due to virus infection is called hepatitis. It is usually transmitted by a viral infection, but in addition, there may be hepatitis through other means, such as autoimmune hepatitis (when our body starts making anti-bodies in the liver) and hepatitis due to medication, drugs, toxins, and alcohol.

Symptoms of hepatitis:

Symptoms like fatigue, flu, increased urination, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, sudden weight loss, yellowing of the skin and eyes like jaundice, symptoms of chronic hepatitis are not visible quickly and clearly.

Types of hepatitis:

Hepatitis A:

This is the most common hepatitis. It is infected with contaminated water and food. This will heal the infected patient soon. They do not need any special antiviral medicine.

Hepatitis B:

It is dangerous. The virus is caused by the body fluid of a person infected with hepatitis B, such as blood, vaginal secretion, limiting, etc.

Hepatitis C:

This disease occurs when exposed to the body fluid of an infected person. According to an estimate, 1-1.5 crore people in India are infected.

Hepatitis D:

Known as delta hepatitis, this hepatitis is a serious disease of the liver. The infection is caused by exposure to infected blood.

Hepatitis E:

It is the type of hepatitis spread through infected water. There is usually a lack of cleanliness that spreads the virus. Human excreta also has the presence of the hepatitis E virus.

Hepatitis silent disease:

The symptoms of this disease appear to be very late. 60-70 percent of the liver gets damaged until the symptoms appear. It takes 10-15 years. Those who have undergone surgery have a blood-plated accident, or a family history must be screened once a year. The most frightening thing is that the patient does not know that he is infected with the virus. This is because there is no symptom. If this virus is not treated, the liver can also cause serious diseases like cancer.

Prevention of hepatitis:

Take special care of cleanliness. Use a sterilized needle for tattoos. Create a safe physical relationship. Don't share your toothbrush and razor with anyone. Do not consume alcohol or do minimal quantities.

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