World Cancer Day is celebrated every year on 4th February around the world. The theme of World Cancer Day for three years from 2019 to 2021 is "I am, and I will be." Which means that everyone has the potential to fight cancer. According to this theme, there will be programs in these three years. Cancer is the most dangerous in all life-threatening diseases in the world because sometimes its symptoms are not known. When this disease is disclosed, it is too late, and the cancer has spread throughout the body. That is why many people do not get proper treatment time and die. If cancer disease is detected in time, it is possible to treat it. In the year 2018, cancer disease caused more than 96 lakh deaths worldwide.

World Cancer Day was established by the International Cancer Control Association (UICC). It is a leading global NGO. It aims to achieve the goals of the World Cancer Declaration, 2008. The primary goal is to reduce cancer deaths by 2020. The International Cancer Control Association (UICC) was established in the year 1933. On this day, various cancer prevention operations were carried out by various government and non-government institutions.

World Cancer Day is observed to sensitize the people about cancer prevention measures and risks for its earlier identification or prevention. People feel that the disease spreads by touching, so a person suffering from cancer is seen as hatred and untouchable in society. There are various types of social myths related to cancer in common people, such as living or touching cancer sufferers can also cause these deadly diseases. This day is also celebrated to end such myths. Due to this, it is observed to create general awareness about all the reality of cancer-like symptoms, and treatment, etc. To make people aware, a variety of programs are organized on this day, that a person suffering from cancer should not be treated separately, he should have the right to live like a common man in the society and no relationship should change for them. They should fulfill every desire of their relatives even if they are less likely to live. They must feel good like a common man and not seem as if they are being given some treatment because they are going to die. They need to feel self-esteem and need a normal environment in their society and home.

According to statistics, it is worth noting that most cancer cases and deaths (47% and 55% respectively) have come to the fore in the least developed regions of the world. If it is not controlled, it can reach a more dangerous level by 2030. Therefore, it must be controlled in everywhere in the world. People are well promoted during this program about their good lifestyle, controlled diet, regular workouts to reduce the risk of cancer appearance. They are encouraged to free them from their alcohol addiction, unhealthy diet, and physical stability.

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