Three Friends Bakcen George, Allwyn Joseph and Ratish Bhalerao took a decision to travel Mumbai to Kanyakumari on a bicycle. They covered around 1,687 kilometers on pedal.  

You must be wondering how did they travel for a month on a pedal without even missing their office?  

They used to stop at dhabas and lodges on the highways and never missed a day at work!  If you are a travel freak, you can step into their show and totally relate what they must be going through during the time of Pandemic.  

cycle from Mumbai to Kanyakumari

They got so bored at home and Working from the cycle idea was their idea to add some taste to their life during the time of covid.  

Three friends said that it was hard but it was worth it!  Their weekdays used to be hectic because they had no plans to miss their work but weekends were a treat for them. They had so much time to explore something new everyday on weekends.  

George who is a 31-year-old man decided to go on a working from cycle trip in November alone but his friends from decades also agreed to go with him just 2 days before they started their journey from mumbai to kanyakumari on a bicycle.   The three friends who travelled from Mumbai to Kanyakumari on a bicycle reached their destination in November.  

They said that it’s obviously hard to travel in so much of Heat and Rain but we all overcome this.  

“It was worth it for sure. We enjoy both kinds of vacations and holidays. Family vacations have their charm, but adventure holidays are like a gift to yourself. Cycling doesn’t feel like a chore. It’s liberating and exhilarating,” George told in an emailed reply.  

distance travelled from Mumbai to Kanyakumari on cycle


“The gadgets only added to the weight on our bicycles, which was the only downside. However, work gave us an excuse to stop by local dhabas, build our own makeshift workstations which was fun in itself,” he added.  

Explaining how they managed to complete the trip, Joseph said, “Our only goal was to reach the destination. The idea was to take one day at a time. We would typically start as early as 4am and try our best to reach a commonly agreed destination by 11am to start our work.”  


They used to travel 80 kms everyday and covered more distance on weekends. Initially, they used a taxi for a couple of days but after they got the hold of the route, they did not stop pedalling after that.  

It was a memorable trip for them and it was priced  around 25,000 for each.   Asked if the Covid situation posed any challenges while travelling, George said, “Apart from a few hotels denying stay due to Covid restrictions, we did not face any other major problem due to the pandemic.”

travelling from Mumbai to Kanyakumari on cycle 

Infact, Pandemic turned out to be an opportunity for them to take such a decision. Even their managers supported them throughout the journey. Allover, the trip was amazing and rewarding for the whole group.


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