Coronavirus is changing our lives. Not just masks and gloves, there are many more changes in the way of living. Now people don't shake hands with each other, don't get a hug, think twice before going to a crowded place. It is also affecting the world of sports. Earlier football players were denied spitting in the field, and now cricket is also showing a corona effect. In future matches, you won't be able to see the baller spit on the ball. In cricket, bowlers often do this to swing. The ball smooths and moves well. But for fear of corona, players will have to change their habit. Former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram says the game will not be fun. "Ballers will become robots," he said. Will come and make the ball without swing."

The International Cricket Board has imposed a moratorium on the ICC for some time. However, there is no information about when it will be deleted. Speaking to news agency AFP, Akram said, "It is a dilemma for me because I grew up shining and swinging the ball by spit." Akram said that players will now have to get used to the new way of the game and be patient with the ball, "In this difficult period, I am in full favor of being cautious, but now the boilers will have to wait for the ball to be old and swing themselves." However, the ICC has only banned sputum, not sweating. Players will be able to swing the ball by sweating even further.

But Akram said that only sweat will not work because there is so much cold that there is not much sweat during the game in some countries. At the same time, sweat will not be able to come from the ball that comes from the spit, "sweat is a kind of add-on that is not the same. But if you use more sweat, the ball will become wet." The players will have to wait for the ball to get old.

Akram also advocated the use of artificial substances to help the boilers. He said the cricket board needs to think in this direction, "I think they have to find a proper solution. Substances such as Vaseline can be used, but the question arises, how much?" Cricket matches were also closed due to the Corona epidemic, but the match is going to start once again with the Test series between England and the West Indies at the end of June. Akram said, "must-see. This series will reveal how it stays. I've never experienced anything like that before."

He also said about making new rules by taking tampering with the ball, "When can you tamper the ball? Initially, from the first over or after 20-25 overs? They (the board) have to sit down and think about it." The series remained the same, but Akram believes that this is not a good change for the boilers. According to him, "The game is still in favor of the batsman."

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