Lockdown has its own difficulties, but the good thing is that it is safe to know. Psychiatrists say people's habits are deteriorating, which is affecting the body clock. Most nights, sleep is getting affected, causing them to move towards stress, insomnia, and depression. You can stay healthy by following a seven-hour sleep and routine at night. If you sleep too much in the day, you will be able to sleep after 30 to 45 minutes of sleep at night on normal days. If you are sleeping for a long time, this is the initial symptom of body clock deterioration, which adversely affects mental health.

An adult person should take seven to seven and a half hours of sleep at night. When you sleep in a deep sleep at night, the brain creates neurotransmitters so that when the person wakes up in the morning, he feels energetic and freshening. If you go to bed before the stipulated time, the brain will ask you to be raised because they are not as neurotransmitters at that time. Because of this, you will not sleep well and feel tired when you wake up.

Keep yourself busy instead of sleeping during the day

Doctors believe that during the lockdown, 70 percent of the people are sometimes sleeping even after the work from home. It would be good for such people to keep themselves busy during the day so that there is good sleep at night. This habit is bad for the time to come. When things are normal and return to work, you may have to face trouble.

Reduce screen time before going to sleep

If you are going to sleep on the bed, keep the distance from mobile and gadgets. You can lure yourself by talking to calls, video chats from friends and family members. This may reduce your stress, but it will not make any difference to the sleep of the night. Using TVs, laptops, iPad, mobiles for a long time can also be a complaint of eye pain. Therefore, keep the eyes relaxed from time to time.

If the routine is good, the breathing speed will be better. The blood flow will be balanced, and the nervous system does its job better. It directly affects the heart rate. This makes the body feel relaxed and has energy.

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