Necessary precautions

Coronavirus infection is not yet completely eradicated, nor has it become a vaccine or drug. It should still follow the guidelines outlined by the Health Ministry. Even if we are living in lockdown, it is difficult to say whether the virus has weakened with the passage of the day, so caution is necessary.

Keep kitchen clean

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in its guidelines, has asked kitchen counters to be kept clean using disinfectants. Disinfect should not be used to clean food items. 

Safe goods kept in store?

Small stores and shops are opening goods, and luggage is also kept there. Does the question arise whether the packaged goods kept in the store are safe? Coronavirus can reach your body only if it reaches your eyes, nose, or mouth. Some experts believe that the leading cause of corona infection is coughing or sneezing.

Wash hands on your way back home

When you return home after shopping from the market, wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and then keep the luggage and then wash the hands again.

How to do safe shopping?

Home shopping in the Corona period is also a challenge. You can't go to malls or markets and buy goods from neighborhood shops itself. There is also a crowd of locals there. To avoid all these things, you should make a list according to your needs. If possible, call the shopkeeper in advance and order it. If possible, wash the reused shopping bags thoroughly.

Social Distancing

If you have gone to the neighborhood shop to buy goods, follow social distance, maintain at least one meter away and use masks and hand sanitizer. Maintain a reasonable distance from the employee while shopping.

Leave stuff out?

Separate lysis of ration items that do not need to be refrigerated. This is because it will help reduce the composition from another source on the packet.

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