What is Halloween? If you are thinking the same, then here is your response. Halloween is primarily a festival in Western countries. Every year it is celebrated with pomp and honor. Halloween is celebrated every year on 31 October. On this day, children go from house to house and wish for Happy Halloween and take sweets like chocolates or candies, while on this occasion, the elders of the house pray for serenity. The way to celebrate this festival is a bit different. On other festivals, where everyone is dressed in new clothes, on Halloween, people choose a scary look with scary makeup.

Why Halloween is celebrated and how it started? At that point is a story behind how Halloween started. This festival relates to people belonging to the kin group of Celtic people in Europe. The citizenry of this clan believes that at this time of year, the souls of ancestors come. They can as well communicate with the living people in the world. The reason behind this was that the citizenry of the Celtic clan believes that their work would be easier if they guided by their ancestor's souls. In the beginning, it was called ' All Saints Day', All Hallows (holy) as well as Hallows Eve. Which became Halloween over time. Halloween is now being celebrated in India as well. People hold a party at their homes this evening. And then here are some cake ideas for Halloween party. 

Moist chocolate cake, smooth filling

People who are fond of sweet food will like this moist coffee cake. This cake is slightly moist with chocolate and chocolate taste. This cake is baked to flawlessness. Finding out this mouth-watering cake, you won't be able to stop yourself from eating it.

Chocolate mug cake 

If you suddenly feel like eating chocolate cake, then you can create this instant ready-made chocolate mug cake and eat it anytime. You can make this chocolate mug cake in the microwave within just 5 minutes.

Honey sponge cake 

Yummy and sponge cake can be geared up with cassettes and honey. Steam it and add the melon seeds and deep brown sauce over it give an unbeatable taste. 

Whole wheat cake 

It is a luscious, slightly healthy and favorite cake of all. In any case, the cake is everyone's favorite. This cake makes an appropriate choice for a birthday, anniversary or whatever other special occasion, and you will definitely like this nut-rich whole wheat recipe. It is leisurely to make, so whenever you get a chance, make this tasty cake and feed it to children. 

Strawberry Shortcake

Kids will also like this cake on Halloween. Shortcake, type of crisp, is a biscuit broken in butter. Strawberry shortcake is a trendy dish, which is adorned with strawberries, whipped cream and icing sugar.  


Image credit: thesaint