The Coronavirus is a lockdown till April 14 across the country to prevent the spread of pandemic infections. People are strictly following the lockdown in their homes. Your cerebrum thinks the artificial light from the screen is sunshine. Along these lines, your body doesn't make as a lot of something many refer to as melatonin. That is a substance that causes you to rest. This has also increased the risk of many other diseases, including restlessness, nervousness, and stress. At the same time, less sleep also affects the immune system. If you suffer a nervous breakdown, you may feel extreme anxiety or fear, intense stress, and as if you simply can't cope with any of the emotional demands you think. Symptoms of a nervous breakdown may include emotional distress as well as physical effects, like chest pains and difficulty breathing. Why do face issues stress can cause thoughts to race through your mind, making it difficult to sleep? Depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can lead to sleeping late in the morning.  If you are also disturbed by insomnia, you can sleep peacefully by adopting these tips.

Prepare time table

If you maintain a time table, it is very beneficial for your physical and mental health. This gives you comfort in the problem of insomnia. Even if you are not doing anything and do something all day long, you should also maintain the time table. You can watch TV in your routine, cook food, read books and keep yourself busy in all such things. By doing so, you will be busy all day and sleep comfortably at night.

Sleep on time and wake up on time

There is a saying in English that you will wake up quickly. Which should be followed by all. Whether you have to go early in the morning or not, the mind is also agile with the body when you wake up in time. For this, you can make a time table and sleep at the right time every day and get up in time. When you follow this rule, you take breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time. This improves your mental state and gives you a lot of comfort in the problem of insomnia.

Take a Healthy Diet

If you want to sleep healthy, you need to pay special attention to your food. Do not take caffeine-rich things like tea and coffee, or at least consume. Especially after 6 o'clock in the evening, do not cook at all. Take a lighter dinner at night. Once you have dinner, do not get up for long. This may worsen your sleep.


For this, you can add an exercise like yoga and cardio to your routine. This will help you a lot. You can do yoga and exercise both in the morning and evening. Doing so will bring you better sleep at night.

Do meditation

You can do meditation in your balcony. It is said that we must spend a few moments with nature to stay mentally healthy. It should be close to nature by sitting in the currency of meditation in the morning and evening. Doing so will prove to be very beneficial for you, and you will get rid of mental disorders. It will also bring good sleep.

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