February 14 is a day when Valentine's Day is celebrated in most parts of the world. This day is especially eagerly awaited by those who want to speak their heart to someone or try to tell a particular person how much they love him. Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world. In the Philippines and some other countries in Europe, there are mass marriages on this occasion. Emotionally the beginning day of any relationship is Valentine's Day. It is celebrated by people of all ages. Valentine's Day starts on 7th February, and it runs till 14th February. This is because every day has its own importance.

So let's know, what is the significance of every single day in Valentine's week.

Rose Day-February 7

The first day of Valentin Week is celebrated in the name of Rose Day. On this day, people give their loved one's roses as a symbol of affection. The red rose symbolizes romance, so yellow roses are given to close friends. If you are more than just a friend but less than a lover, you can present pink roses to your special friend. If you are a person who is not pleased with someone, it is also good to extend the hand of friendship again by forgetting the old things. For this, you can give a bouquet of white roses to that person.

Propose Day-February 8

After you have lost your love in front of your crush on Daily Day, Propose Day gives you a chance to move on. The second day of Valentine Week is known as the day when people express their feelings of love with their crush.

Chocolate Day-February 9

The third day of Valentine Week is called Chocolate Day. This day gives all of us a chance to enjoy delicious chocolates by putting aside our concerns. On this day, you can show your affection to your close one by giving them lots of chocolates and how valuable that person in your life. 

Teddy Day-February 10

The fourth day of Valentine Week is the most lovable and is known as Teddy Day. Gift cute and cuddly little teddy bears on this day to express love for those who are everything for you. Furry and cute teddy bears can bring smiles to anyone's face.

Promise Day-February 11 

The most meaningful and important day of Valentine Week is Promise Day, which is the fifth day of the week. This day is to make promises to your loved ones for long and beautiful relationships, and you will also be able to fulfill your promises in a good way to convince them.

Hug Day-February 12 

The sixth day of this loving week is to embrace. Sometimes it happens when we are unable to express our feelings in words, but we can express it with our emotions. What could be better than embracing someone.

Kiss Day-February 13

Kiss Day comes just a day before Valentine's Day. The whole week is to assert love and affection, so what can be better than giving a kiss to that particular person.  Should bind your relationship to one Kiss.

Valentine's Day- February 14

Finally, the day of love has come! Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world on 14th February every year. In fact, February 14 is the martyrdom day of St. Valentine's Day, the Catholic Saint Valentine, which later became a festival of love as Valentine's Day.

Saint Valentines are considered to be from the third century. When he was in Rome, there was the rule of Emperor Claudius. Claudius believed that single men could become more good soldiers than married men. Because of this, he banned the marriage of soldiers and officers in his empire. Such people got so much support from Saint Valentine, and he died on 14 February 269 AD. So people started celebrating this day as Valentine's Day.

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