Cybercriminals find a way to break into user's information or steal money in every situation. Now hackers have started soliciting donations through the fake e-mail ID for COVID-19. Because of this situation, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently issued a cyber scam alert. It explains how cybercriminals are stealing user's money by declaring themselves WHO. At the same time, they are also making a dent in personal information. For this, hackers are using several mail IDs and are seeking donations from people for COVID-19. To deal with this problem, the WHO has released some Do's and Don'ts that we are giving you information here.

WHO's Cyber Scam Alert:

Hackers are seeking donations from people using who's name. If you also have an e-mail, first verify the e-mail address. If this is the official account of who if who.int after @ this e-mail ID. If anything else is written after @, understand that it is an attempt to steal your money. WHO never sends mail to @who.com, @who.org, or @who-safety.org. If you are asked for your personal information such as username or password in an e-mail, never share such information with anyone. Cybercriminals use emergencies to compel people to make quick decisions. Never rush into it. Whether the request is correct or fack, it is a complete thought and a conclusion. If you feel that you have accidentally given any of your personal information to hackers, don't panic, change all your passwords immediately. Strengthen all your passwords. If you find a scam on the e-mail, report it immediately.

Also, consider the World Health Organization (WHO) as follows:

WHO never asks you for your username and password. WHO never sends e-mail attachments that have not been asked on your behalf. It does not redirect you to any links outside of www.who.int. WHO does not ask for money to apply for jobs, register at the conference, or reserve the hotel. WHO does not organize lottery, offer prizes, certificates through e-mail. The donation being taken by WHO for COVID-19 is being made only through the Solidarity Response Fund.

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