It is often seen that people accidentally delete their required messages on WhatsApp, causing them to suffer. However, we tell you about some smart tips that can help you recover your deleted WhatsApp chats in this article.

How to restore data from Google Drive: 

If you want to regain the deleted chat, Google Drive can be an option. For this, users will have to enter their mobile and Google account.

Know here how to restore the backup:

  • Once you uninstall the WhatsApp app, reinstall it again.
  • Then open WhatsApp and verify your number. 
  • Then you will see a message to restore your chat from Google Drive. 
  • If the restore process is completed, then click Next, then your chat will be recovered. 
  • WhatsApp will start restoring your media file once the chat is restored. 
  • If you install Your WhatsApp without an earlier backup of Google Drive, WhatsApp will automatically restore your local backup file. 
  • If you use a local backup, you'll need to transfer your file to a new mobile using a computer, file explorer, or SD card.  

Some other necessary information to keep in mind:

  • Your phone stores local backup files once a week. 
  • Local backups are automatically done every day at 2 am and are saved as files on your phone.

Other tips to keep in mind to restore the backup:

If you want to avoid restoring recent local data, you need to follow these tips. 

  • The File Manager app has to be downloaded. 
  • When navigating to the file manager app SD card, WhatsApp, Databases, the data will not be stored in the SD card.

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