WhatsApp the name itself has turned into the piece of everyday existence of individuals everywhere throughout the world; it is an informing stage which helps in sharing messages and recordings to your loved ones in a split second over the web with no charges. WhatsApp is very addictive and that is the motivation behind why it is vital to take a gander at the focal points and weaknesses of WhatsApp – 

Pros of WhatsApp 

Free of Cost 

The greatest favorable advantage of WhatsApp is that it is free and there are no different charges for utilizing it, so one can send or share photographs, messages, contacts, recordings, make video calls to anyplace on the planet and consequently it empowers an individual to spare part of cash which prior was spent on SMS and video calling. 

Easy to understand 

Another huge constructive of WhatsApp is that it is easy to use and that is the motivation behind why it is utilized by the youthful age just as by the old age individuals and that is the motivation behind why you see even those individuals on WhatsApp who are not well informed. Thus as it were, this application has made more individuals associated with the world. 

No Advertisement 

With regards to the web the most baffling piece of visiting any site or utilizing any application are the notices which make it irritating for the client, however with regards to WhatsApp client do not face such trouble as at present there are no ads to destroy the experience. 

Cons of WhatsApp 

Cell phone and the Internet 

WhatsApp runs just on cell phone and one needs web association so as to get to this application which results in it of no utilization to those individuals who either don't have a cell phone or the web and in this manner its utilization is restricted to just to those individuals who are having both cell phones just as the web. 

Sharing of Wrong News and Information 

Another enormous disadvantage of this application is that a few people consider all news and data shared on WhatsApp to be genuine which isn't the situation as everything shared are false which at last lead to issues particularly amid touchy periods like mobs, decisions, religious capacities, etc. Henceforth as it were, this application helps devilish individuals in making frenzy and disarray prompting peace issue in the nation which thus make burden for the general population just as the administration of the nation. 

Protection Issue 

Another enormous issue with this application is that anybody can see the profile picture which results in loss of security other than anybody can add you to the gathering which can be irritating as at times individuals add you to the gathering again regardless of whether you have left that amass previously.

As should be obvious from the over that this application has preferences just as burdens yet its disservices can be ignored as it is one of those development or mechanical headway which has turned into a piece of our everyday life.