WhatsApp has said that its clients should acknowledge the forthcoming security strategy or probably they will lose admittance to some critical capacities. In spite of the fact that clients won't promptly lose their records or face abridged functionalities on the stage on May 15, however they should ultimately go through restricted capacities in the event that they neglect to acknowledge the new standards in the proper method of time.

Throughout the previous a little while we have shown a warning in WhatsApp giving more data about the update. Subsequent to giving everybody time to audit, we are proceeding to remind the individuals who haven't got the opportunity to do as such to survey and acknowledge. Following a time of half a month, the update individuals get will in the end get persevering," a WhatsApp FAQs page said.

Around then, you will experience restricted usefulness on WhatsApp until you acknowledge the updates. This won't occur to all clients simultaneously, it added.

Here are the significant capacities you won't access on your WhatsApp

You won't get to your talk list, however you can in any case answer approaching telephone and video calls. On the off chance that you have notices empowered, you can tap on them to peruse or react to a message or get back to a missed telephone or video call.

Following half a month of restricted usefulness, you won't get approaching calls or warnings and WhatsApp will quit sending messages and calls to your telephone.

You can send out your visit history on Android or iPhone and download a report of your record. You can trade your talks and download a report of your record all alone. In the event that you need assistance downloading a report of your record or erasing your record, you can get in touch with us here.


WhatsApp won't erase your record on the off chance that you don't acknowledge the update. Remember that independently, our current arrangement identified with latent clients will apply. In the event that you might want to erase your record on Android, iPhone, or KaiOS, we trust you reevaluate. Erasing your record is something we can't invert as it eradicates your message history, eliminates you from the entirety of your WhatsApp gatherings, and erases your WhatsApp reinforcements, according to the WhatsApp said.