WhatsApp Dark Mode has finally become official for both Android and iPhone devices, it took about a year to test its presence in beta after it has finally now officially become available on both platforms. Unlike offering pure black and white color plans, the Facebook-owned company has designed a dark brown background with elements in an off-white color to reduce brightness and improve contrast and readability. Users on Android 10 and iOS 13 will be able to experience WhatsApp dark mode by enabling dark mode from their device's system settings. However, users on older Android and iOS versions will need to manually enable dark mode through the theme preferences of the WhatsApp app.

The dark mode on WhatsApp aims to reduce eye fatigue, and "use colors that are close to system default on iPhone and Android respectively" are now fully placed in front of everyone. WhatsApp has been working on dark mode for quite some time. If we look at previous reports, this feature has been working in the months before the official start of iOS 13, at least since March last year, which has brought a system-wide dark mode for the iPhone and iPod Touch models. Some recent beta updates also suggested the latest experience. Also, WhatsApp has recently updated its profile photos on all its social media channels to tease the advent of highly anticipated change. Let's now know how you can enable this dark mode in your Android 10 and iOS 13 phones.

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on iOS

Go to Settings> General > Accessibility > Display Accommodation > Invert Colors > Smart Invert

Now you've enabled Dark Theme in all apps on the device.                                                                                Similar to Android, you need to choose dark or no wallpaper for WhatsApp chat threads. Click on WhatsApp Settings> Wallpaper> Nuns

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode in Android 

Phone Settings > Display > Choose Theme > Go to Dark

How to enable Android 9 and its bottom version

Open the app after updating WhatsApp to the latest version. Then go to Settings, then tap Chats. Now, you'll see the theme option here, tap on it and select Dark from the menu and tap OK. Now you've set dark themes on Android 9 or below on your smartphone.

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