The 'Delete for Everyone' feature in WhatsApp is a lifesaver. A message that has already been sent and received can be deleted. However, you always have the choice between "Delete for Everyone" and "Delete for Me" when you want to delete a message. Instead of selecting "Delete for Everyone," the user frequently selects "Delete for me." Therefore, they are unable to delete that text for everyone. To address such issues, WhatsApp has now introduced a new feature named "Accidental Delete." New users are already receiving the new feature.


The unpleasant situations that arise when you mistakenly send a message to the group or the wrong person and click the wrong button will be avoided thanks to the new WhatsApp feature named "Accidental Delete." WhatsApp will give you a five-second option to choose "delete for everyone" to undo the accidental deletion. For example, when you select "delete for me," an undo option will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you click "undo," the notice will show again. The next step is to "delete for everyone."


Anyone who has ever felt the anxiety of unintentionally sending the wrong message is sure to appreciate the arrival of this new feature, which is accessible on Android and iPhone. So, if you use WhatsApp, you benefit from this increased level of security.