WhatsApp has been a social media platform that has been on the target of fake news for a long time. Let me tell you that we have seen a lot of Fake News on WhatsApp during the Delhi riots, which are still going on. Although WhatsApp is now taking it seriously, a new feature is being brought from WhatsApp, which would largely rein in fake news. You can also tell you that because of this new feature of WhatsApp or with the help of this feature, any forwarded message can be directly searched on the web. Then you are going to tell you the power of this message on Google or other browsers automatically.

This feature, the search the web feature, was recently reported on behalf of WhatsApp. It was also reported from WhatsApp that it was constantly working to fight the news. That is why this feature is being introduced on behalf of WhatsApp, that is, you are going to get a web search option in the message soon, with which you can directly see this feature on Google that it is true or fake. This can be called an effective feature because if you suspect any message, you can directly check it through the web. You don't need to turn off WhatsApp and go to another app. You can tell you that this feature can be called a great feature in itself because you will be able to check it first within WhatsApp without having to believe it. This means that you can delete messages that are giving you information, and you can also prevent these messages from sending them forward. But for this, you need to take information about this feature and also give it to others.

How this new WhatsApp feature will work: 

You tell you that you can tell you that you are going to see a search icon with it whenever you have a forward message, with which you can check the veracity of this news.

You can take all the information on Google about this news by clicking on this option, i.e., icon.

This feature has been introduced in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Spain, England, and the US, etc., for now, although it may take a few weeks to arrive in India. We are all waiting for this feature like you.

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