Living in captivity was neither like nor is it today, although if a person is benefited by being imprisoned in one place, he also likes to remain in captivity. There is money to stay in the same house for about 90 days. Human beings are imprisoned in their homes today due to lockdown. This lockdown has also seen a significant increase in domestic violence, which is alarming. In lockdown, people are doing many kinds of work at home. If someone is wiping a broom, someone is cutting his hair from his wife. Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of cricket, has shared a video of himself cutting hair. Many people will also be planning after the lockdown that I will do the first thing. Well, let's tell you today about the five things that you should not do immediately after the lockdown is over.

Avoid going to the Party and Bar

After the lockdown is over, many people will be thinking of partying with friends and relatives at home. Many people may be thinking of going to the bar to party, but even after the lockdown is over, you should follow social distance. You always have to keep in mind that the corona infection has decreased, not the corona. The lockdown will end only when the infection rate is reduced considerably. As you are also aware, the coronavirus is again disturbing people, and in many cases, symptoms are not visible. Even after the lockdown is over, you should avoid the party, etc., by following social distance, because you are not aware of the transition to the person who has come to your party.

Avoid Shaking Hands and Hugging

After the lockdown is over, you have to refrain from hugging and shaking friends in happiness just as you are doing during the lockdown at the moment. As long as the coronavirus vaccine is not coming, it is the biggest treatment to stay away from each other, though the anti-body test can tell whether you have come in contact with a corona infected person. So it is better to go to areas where the risk is high and also avoid meeting people even after the lockdown is over.

Don't quit the habit of Washing Hands

The end of the lockdown does not mean the end of the corona infection. So even after the lockdown is over, you have been washing hands again and again and take full care of cleanliness. Cleanliness is not a bad thing. If you exit the house, you must take masks or garfish. Schools, colleges, malls, and factories will be opened after the lockdown is over, so the risk of the spread of corona will be high due to overcrowding. You will need to be more careful.

Don't plan an Abroad Trip

You may find it costly to travel abroad with family or friends as soon as the lockdown is over. Many people will also have made a list of countries where they want to roam after the lockdown, but you need to refrain from long journeys until the corona vaccine comes. It is also possible that airlines offer a package of foreign travel at a lower price, but it would be better for you not to be in the circle of such offers.

Avoid eating Junk or Fast Food

In the lockdown, many people are yearning for fast food like pizza, burgers, and street food, but it will be better for your health if the yearning is retained after the lockdown because it is not too short to stay away from anything for two months. Eating oil Street and fast food can spoil your health, as the body has missed all these habits in the last two months. So do not make the mistake of breaking down on junk food after the lockdown is over.

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