How did it start?

The Nobel Prizes were started on 10 December 1901. At that time, this award was given for chemistry, physics, medical science, literature, and world peace for the first time. At that time, an amount of about Rs. 5 lakh was given a prize. The Nobel Prize was established on 27 November 1895 on the basis of the will of Dr. Alfred Nobel, a renowned Swedish scientist, and inventor of dynamite.

What things Nobel Prize Winner gets?

Everyone who receives the award gets an amount of about Rs. 4.5 crore. A medal and citation of 200 grams made of 23-carat gold are also given. On one side of the medal is the image of Alfred Nobel, the father of the Nobel Prize, the date of his birth and death. On the other hand, the Greek goddess Isis's picture is known to the Royal Academy of Science Stockholm and the awardee.

Who was Alfred Nobel?

Alfred Nobel was the great inventor of the world. In his life, he had made a total of 355 patents on various inventions. After inventing things like rubber, leather, artificial silk, he invented dynamite and made a world-all-out famous. It was only after the invention of dynamite that it was possible to break down heavy rocks through safe explosives and build tunnels and dams, and lay railway tracks.

What is in his will:

Dr. Nobel mentioned some institutions in his will to select the names of individuals who performed specific work in these five areas. On 10 December 1896, he departed from the world, leaving immeasurable funds for those who excelled in the fields of chemistry, physics, medicine, literature, and world peace.

Nobel Alfred was also an industrialist:

Nobel was not just an inventor but also an industrialist. Born On 21 October 1833, Alfred's mother, Andyeta Ehseles, was from a wealthy family, and Alfred's father, Emmanuel Nobel, was an engineer and inventor. He built several bridges and buildings in Stockholm. However, the year Alfred was born, his family went bankrupt. The whole family then left Sweden and settled in Petersburg, Russia.

Tried his hand on several businesses:

In Petersburg, the Nobel family set up several industries, one of which was an explosive factory. Alfred had learned Swedish, French, English, German, Russian at the age of 17. In his youth, he began to handle his father's factory, making explosives. In 1864, a sudden explosion occurred at the factory and killed his younger brother.

Brother's Death:

Alfred was deeply saddened by his brother's death and was determined to invent something to control the explosion. Eventually, he succeeded in inventing dynamite. He set up about 90 of his factories in 20 countries. Alfred, who was a lifelong virgin, also had a keen interest in literature and poems and wrote many plays, poems, and novels, but the writings and works could not be published.

Said Goodbye:

On 10 December 1896, Alfred departed from the world. Alfred became very rich by inventing dynamite in 1866 and acquiring his patent. Dynamite proved useful, but with the apprehension of dynamite abuse, Alfred himself was not happy with the invention and announced the introduction of the Nobel Prize with all the money he earned.

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