The outbreak of coronavirus in the country is increasing every day. The cases of corona are continuously increasing due to rapidly spreading infections. According to ICMR, the number of infected in the country has reached 415, and seven people have died. On Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call to deal with the coronavirus, Janata Curfew was imposed from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday 22nd March. All the state governments followed and supported the Janata Curfew. On Sunday evening, some states announced a lockdown. 75 districts of the country have also been lockdown. The Punjab government has imposed curfew. What does lockdown mean, and how different it would have been from the curfew? What is the difference between curfew and lockdown?

Meaning of curfew

When curfew is imposed in any locality, people are ordered to stay in the houses for a time frame. The administration imposes curfew in emergency situations. Under the administrative order in curfew, people are instructed not to exit their homes on the roads. Schools, colleges, markets remain closed during curfew. It can also arrest the violators, and fine can also be imposed.

What is lockdown?

Lockdown is an emergency system to isolate people. At the time of lockdown, people are instructed to stay in a locality or building and are forbidden to leave. It is allowed to exist only for essential things. The necessary facilities continue during the lockdown, but it also depends on the administration as to which services they want to continue. To be seen, banks, markets, vegetable shops, dairy, etc., are kept open. If someone needs medicine or food and drink, you can get out. All these are banned during curfew.

Differences between curfew and lockdown

Both curfew and lockdown are imposed in different situations. The difference between the two is the services continued by the administration. If there are riots or violence in a locality, the administration imposes curfew to overcome that dire situation. During the curfew, essential services like market and banks are hanging. When curfew is relaxed, all these services are availed by the people who are locked in the houses, and they can get out. Essential services are not discontinued in lockdown. As is currently in our country. Many states and cities in the country have been lockdown, but shops for banks, dairy, essential goods have been opened. Essential services are continuing for the public. Most of the public transport is closed.

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