Technology has made our activities easier, but there are some dangers. In recent times, almost everyone has a smartphone, we are taking up many facilities like ticket booking, hotel booking, banking services through smartphones. Smartphones mean in the world fist, in the news fist of the world, but it is creating the same risk. The smartphone contains all the information that can harm us. It helps counterfeiters by Sim Cloning or SIM Swapping. Let's know in this news what is sim cloning or SIM swapping, and how to avoid it.

What is SIM Swapping?

Cybercrime can be easily carried out through SIM cloning or SIM Swapping. In fact, the fraud person prepares a duplicate of your SIM, the SIM swap means he can exchange the SIM. A new SIM is registered with your phone number. Then your SIM closes. Then anyone can free your account money through OTP that comes to the second number registered with your number.

How to avoid Sim Swapping?

If the network on your SIM is not good, nor is there any phone calls coming on your phone, nor any alerts, immediately complain to your mobile operators. Don't ever forget your mobile number on social media. If you feel that your number is being used for SIM swapping, immediately contact your mobile operators. If you have a lot of unknown calls, do not turn off your cell phone. In fact, it is also possible that it may be a trick of the fraud person to switch off the mobile if you go to the phone, and you cannot find out the tampering of your network. You can check your bank statement and online banking transaction history from time to time to identify any problems or irregularities.

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