Even in this difficult period, some people will be trying to change their jobs or their profession for various reasons. They may want to work on a lot of new ideas, but can't decide what to do. That means they have a fusion of careers. According to career counselors and career experts, such people should understand the 'Shiny Object Syndrome.' This will help them to know when they have to change the job and when they are not.

What is Shiny object syndrome?

Shiny Object Syndrome is in trend. The person wants to try something new or change it. This may be a new business idea, goal, or job. In this syndrome, the person is not able to focus on his current work. He behaves like a child in which he is attracted by flashing things or new things. But soon, the child is filled with that new thing, and he goes behind new flashing things. If you can connect yourself with certain things, you may have also felt the Shiny Object Syndrome.

  • If you have a full list of business ideas, but you have not implemented anyone.
  • You are constantly creating new goals but cannot understand what will happen in the end.
  • You are jumping from one course to another.
  • You are constantly jumping from one goal to another. But nobody is completing until the end.
  • You create and launch websites with new domain names, but don't work when running that site.

Any person can achieve success by doing a great job in any field. So try to work in the best way you choose whatever field you choose. Most people work at an average or low level of quality, so they also get the results average or lower. Therefore, it is most important to work at full capacity so that you will get the best results. If you have chosen the field wrong, it is different. But if you have to change the work many times, understand that something is wrong.

In the grip of this syndrome, you are constantly suffering from distraction. You are lost in new ideas, and many important things are left in the process. If you are constantly suffering from distraction, you cannot complete anything because you always want to innovate. It wastes you a lot of time, and you are not able to master any area. It also does not use your talent. Remember that you have to spend a lot of time in that area to become better at something. There is a difference between the beginner and the veteran of any field. When you are the best in your field, you will be able to enjoy success, and you will be in a position of profit compared to others. This benefit will appear in both earnings and opportunities.

Tips can avoid this syndrome-

  • Understand that the new thing does not mean better.
  • Learn to see the past. It is not necessary that what is good for others will be good for you too.
  • Assess whether the new work will fit into your life. Do you really need it?
  • Understand how much damage or benefit you will have when you go to a new job or area.
  • Also, develop the quality of waiting for wet and watch.
  • Learn to differentiate between Shiny Object Syndrome and new opportunity.
  • Do not waste energy on new products and ideas.

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