The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an important process for the success of any website or blog. The success of any Website or Blog without the SEO is almost nominal. SEO is a very important process of Internet Marketing, which is being adopted by big companies in the world. It is SEO that is used to display on the landing page in any website search engine such as Google, Yahoo, etc.

What is SEO?

SEO simply means improving your website or post in such a way that our website or posts start appearing on the first pages of the search engine. Search Query in search engines only makes the most people access any website, i.e., the main source of the traffic to any website is search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Search Engine is the main task of making the best web pages available to the user from countless Web pages on the Internet. Search engine bots or software to perform this task are search engine bots or software that display the best web pages related to search terms on the first page of the search engine, taking into account various considerations or rules (Search Algorithms).

Displaying any website in the first pages of the search engine depends on many things (SEO Factora). Such as design of the website, Quality Content, relationships with keywords that are searched for posts, people liking the website or spending more and more time on the website, how to display posts, backlinks, and many other reasons. SEO factors are called SEO to improve or change websites or posts.

How SEO works:

To understand SEO well, we must understand how the search engine works. There are millions of web pages on the Internet related to the same topic, but when we type any Search Query into Google Search Box, the first page displays the best results associated with that Search Query. The main task of the search engine is to scan the best webpages on the Internet and display the best results first, and to do so, the search engine uses various Search Engine Algorithms (search results ranking rules).


First, search boats or software scans billions of webpages on the Internet to get all the information about each page, which is called crawling.

Ranking and Indexing:

After crawling, all web pages are indexed by ranking them in different ways. For ranking webpages, thousands of things like Keywords/Search Query, Country, Content Quality, Backlinks, Reliability, Relevancy (Search Engine Algorithms) are taken into consideration so that the best posts related to Search Query are displayed first.

Search Query and Search result:

When the Internet user searches by entering anything query in search, the search engine's software instantly displays the most relevant webpages of the previously indexed web pages in less than seconds.

Why SEO is important:

Most visitors to any website are accessed by search engines. Therefore, each website needs to appear on the first pages in the search engine. The process of Crawling, Ranking & Indexing, Search Result, etc. in search engines is very complex, which is done by Search Engine's automated software. If a website doesn't use SEO, it becomes difficult for Google Bots (Software) to understand the webpages on that website and therefore make it difficult for that website to appear in search engines. Therefore, SEO's main objective is to make your website Search Engine Friendly so that search engines can understand the information on our website and display it in search engines.

What Is on-page SEO:

On-Page SEO's process involves all changes or improvements to be made on posts or websites such as creating good quality content, using content, and related long-tail keywords from heading, giving each page an attractive and suitable title.

What is off-page SEO:

In addition to the changes that are made to the website under Of Page SEO, all types of tasks such as building a link to the website, Social Sharing, submit your website to different open website directories, etc.

What is Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO means wrongly optimizing search engines. When a website wants to come to the top of the search engine incorrectly ignoring the rules of the search engine, it is called a black hat so, such as using unnecessary keywords to get ahead in search engines, fraudulently create backlinks, etc.

What Is White Hat SEO:

The adoption of various methods of SEO keeping Search Engine in mind is called White Hat SEO.

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