Coronavirus has created a Chaos in China. Because of this, more than 170 people have lost their lives there. But its fear spread all over the world. Now, this virus has also been knocked out in India. In Kerala, a student has been confirmed to be in the grip of the virus. In fact, the student studies at Wuhan University in China. In the past, he returned home to Kerala. Though the doctors are still telling his condition stable, he has been kept under strict supervision. One person from Tripura has died in Malaysia. The family of Tripura has claimed that his family member has died in Malaysia due to coronavirus. The World Health Organization has convened an emergency meeting.

Because of the apprehension of coronavirus, the reports of three patients who were admitted to the Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) hospital have been negative. The report has not found symptoms of the coronavirus inside any patient. One of the three hospitalized patients was Ghaziabad resident, while the remaining two are residents of Delhi. The three have recently returned from China and were in bad condition. According to doctors, the three patients were reported to have come from the Pune-based national laboratory by Friday, which has come on Thursday. All of them have been discharged from the hospital after the report comes.

There is also a question of why the coronavirus has been named 'Corona'? What does this mean? Let me tell you the answers to these questions.

A tweet has been made by the Information Bureau of Letters Information In this regard. It says that coronavirus has got its name from the Latin word. Corona in Latin means Crown. The surface of this virus also has a series of spikes like crowns. That is where it has got the name Corona.

The 2019 Novell Coronavirus has also been renamed as 2019-nCoV. The virus was first identified in China's Wuhan. Novel has been planted in the name of this coronavirus because it was never found anywhere before now.

Image credit: collaborativedrug