The number of coronavirus infected people has decreased in many countries of the world. This has not only lifted the lockdown by many countries but also opened doors for tourists from other countries. However, the visa rules have undergone a change. For this, it has become necessary for tourists to have health passports or immunization passports to move from one country to another. With this passport, people can move from one country to another without any difficulty.

What is Health Passport:

A health passport is your health certificate. This makes it the fact that you are healthy and that you are not infected with the coronavirus. This passport will also mention that if you were infected with the coronavirus, you would not have a coronavirus again. In many countries, it is also being considered to make health certificates mandatory for travel as well as return to work. According to the World Health Organization, there is no evidence that a person infected with the coronavirus does not threaten another person. At the same time, WHO has also said that if the health passport resides, the person may be careless. He may think that there is no danger to anyone. A health passport is a matter of consideration, which needs to be seriously considered.

Tech firms in the UK have already considered health passports and immunity passports. Now the UK tech companies are going to give it a final dimension so that people can return to their jobs safely. They are going to use facial biometrics to provide such passports or certificates to the citizens. For this, the UK's reputed company has submitted a detailed plan to the government.

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