Happy Easter 2020 History:

The Sunday of this month is special because Easter is being celebrated all over the world today. However, like every year, this time, the festival will not be seen due to the coronavirus. All the people are locked in their homes because of the lockdown and will, therefore, celebrate Easter at home as well. If this year were early every year, at the Bakery at Easter, you would get more than one dainty and cake, hear the sound of church bells from the morning, and Carol's melodies would have been dissolved in the air, people would look at their 'best' clothes and hear the Bible's inheritance. The festival, which was celebrated two days after Good Friday, would have been a happy day of Easter. This holy Sunday is also called Palm Sunday.

It is different than Easter celebrations are not celebrated on the lines of Christmas, but it is of great importance among Christians. In fact, according to the Christian religious scriptures, Jesus was raised on the third day of being hanged on the same day. Easter Day or Easter Sunday is celebrated in the same happiness. Traditionally, the festival lasts for 40 days, which ends on Easter Sunday. While people mourn on Good Friday, the happiness returns to Easter. On Easter Day, people burn candles in churches and houses, and Easter lunches are also held on this day.

Easter story

Fearing the miracles of Jesus Christ, the son of God on Earth, the Roman governor, Pilatus, hanged him on the mountain of Jerusalem. It is recognized that three days later, he had again become alive. According to the Bible, Roman soldiers killed Jesus with a corner. Decorated the crown of thorns on their head and spit on them. By raising his own cross on the back, he was taken to the hill where he was hanged on the same cross. Even at that time, Jesus said, "Father God, forgive these people, for they do not know what they are doing. "After death, they were buried in the tomb. Three days after the incident, Mary Magdalena arrived to pay homage to Jesus Christ, along with some other women. When he arrived at the tomb, he saw that the tombstone was moved, and the monument became vacant.

Two angels appeared inside the mausoleum, and they gave the good news of Jesus Christ's resurrection. After that, Jesus Christ himself gave his visions to thousands of people for 40 days. Jesus disciples spread their new religion everywhere. This religion is known today as Christianity.

Importance of Easter 

Easter is a very sacred festival in Christianity. On this day, prayer meetings are held in houses and churches in which the glory of the Lord is done. People wish each other the rebirth of the Lord Jesus. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are celebrating Easter Day in homes this year.

Importance of Eggs on Easter 

Eggs have special significance at easter festival. The people of Christianity decorate eggs at the Easter festival and gift each other. They recognize that eggs give the message of the beginning of good days and new life. In fact, Christianity believes that the way a new life originates from the egg gives people a message of new beginnings.

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