Card cloning has grown rapidly in recent times and has emerged as a major threat. Card cloning causes loss of lakhs of rupees to the people. A fraud person in credit card cloning or skimming collects information such as your credit card information such as card number, CVV, PIN, expiry date, name, etc. Then copies the information to a duplicate or fake card and then start using the credit card.

How cards are cloned

A device with a scanning slot is used to avoid information to the cardholder. The machine looks like pos machines, which does not make the cardholder feel the same and dribbles. Fraudsters swipe customers' credit-debit cards through the device. These machines used for fraud contain software that can be used to keep up to 3,000 cards. When the card information is scanned and copied and then copied to an expired, empty, or stolen card to clone the card. This clone card can now be used to transact with the credit cardholder's bank account.


The central bank RBI has made it mandatory to use EMV chip-based cards instead of magstripe cards. The EMV card contains microchips. When someone tries to scan this card, the only encrypted information is available. When using a card in a public place, see if there is no camera so that your card number and other card information, etc., do not go to anyone else. He should be covered by his hand while entering the card PIN in pos machines. Look at the machine properly to swipe cards from POS machines at restaurants, petrol pumps, or any other place. If the machine is heavier than usual, consider making a payment in some other way.

If your card is cloned and your bank is not getting any information when the card is repeatedly swiped, there is no other way to collect information other than the Manthali statement. So, there should always be bank alerts and see it from time to time.

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