There is a constant talk of contact tracing to deal with the corona crisis. In many places, apps have also been created. Let's know-how is contact tracing done in this article? Contact tracing is intended to warn people not to get in touch with a corona infected person and thus avoid spreading the virus themselves. Experts believe that contact tracing is very important for the prevention of coronavirus. If this is done properly, it can be ensured that there will never be any need for a lockdown again. But the easier it is to say, the more difficult it is.

After a person performs a positive corona test, the contact tracer contacts him and finds out where he went and who was around. Tracer pays attention to people who usually live around the person, such as those in the home or office, or those who stayed around the person in less than six feet, even for at least ten minutes. These people are then asked to self-isolate. These people are asked to pay attention to the symptoms and are also tested if needed. People who see the symptoms clearly, then have contact tracing, which means who came in contact with them. Around the world, this work is being done in different ways. But as restaurants and markets are opening up, people are coming out to meet friends and relatives, so it's becoming difficult. It is possible that the cases are so high that it is not possible for the health authorities to keep an eye on them.

People in the US are asked to send SMS, so they are not in contact with an infected person. In many cases, the phone is also made. But if people don't respond to phones and SMS, contact tracing becomes difficult. Similar messages are being sent to people on WhatsApp in India. The biggest challenge for health authorities is to warn people as quickly as possible. Any case has to start contact-tracing within 24 hours of arrival. Apps in many countries are supporting this work, but downloading is not mandatory, so they can't be fully dependent on them.

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