The issue of mental health due to coronavirus has also rapidly emerged in the country. Lockdown has definitely changed people's habits, but a large section is living life amidst stress. This stress is about sickness and future anxiety.


A good mind is the source of a healthy body. When the brain is not working properly, how will it handle the body? Therefore, people undergoing depression sometimes feel more tired.

Bad Thoughts

People undergoing depression often think about taking the lives of themselves or others. Even in sleep, they have bad thoughts. Sometimes they can't sleep even for fear of these bad dreams.

Sleeping Disorder

Depression is of many kinds, so there is no single pattern of sleep. Some people are unable to sleep overnight due to depression. This is called insomnia. So some people sleep more than they should. 

Back Pain

Our spine handles the body from the neck to the hip. More stress affects it and starts back pain. Many people also have constant headaches that do not even remove drugs.

Bad Digestion

You may be wondering what to do with the mind of the mind? Recall how the fear of examination in childhood used to spoil the stomach. A depressed person goes through the same experience all the time.


It's very easy to make fun of someone's irritability. When people not able to express their feelings, they get irritated. But it can be much more than that.


It will be of no use if he begins to explain the reasoning to remove someone's fear. The person undergoing depression does not understand the logic. He may be afraid of anything, from the dark, from the closed room, from the heights, from the blind people.

Lack of concentration

If the brain is treated as a computer, understand that its processor is not able to function properly in depression. If you can't tick a job, little things seem to be forgettable.


There is a difference between anger and irritability. During the depression, a person undergoes a lot of stress. He gets angry not only on the front but also on himself. Try to understand the person instead of quarreling, talk to him.


It is very important to help a depressed person. Do not go to the doctor and refrain from medication. Just as both medicine and love are needed to cure any physical illness, it is also accompanied by mental illness.

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