The 'The Social Dilemma' documentary, therefore, draws your attention that it has all the knowledgeable people on the screen who have drawn the structure of social media around you. They have taken you away from your relatives, friends, even family. Every human being here is just a user. And the documentary also shows that in just two of the businesses, the product uses it as 'user.' One in social media and another in the drug business. A true effort to make these connections is also a documentary film. The experts sitting in front of the camera say that Russia did not hack Facebook in the last US election, but they used its tools. Those who control social media can make anyone their mental slaves from all over the world. People do not think about it, but it is happening.  

In this documentary, Tristan Harris, who once worked in Google's design department, points out that only 50 designers have made a direct impact on the minds of two billion people. It has never happened before in history. To explain how this happens, director Jeff Orlowski has interviewed the luminaries who have worked in these social media and tech companies and has given a story between the family shattered because of social media. And, not just the family, the confidence of the people is also shattered. In the midst of the story, when a graph of suicide cases is shown in the midst of social media's impact in the United States, your attention immediately goes to the recent events that are occurring around you. Facebook's 'like' button-making points out that it was made to think that it would spread positivity among the people, but who knew that by getting fewer likes on one of their photos, people would also go into depression.

In childhood, we have all read that science is a good servant but a bad master. But, social media is also a part of science, which is thought of by fewer people. The social dilemma shows that every moment is being tried to show you what is visible on your hand mobile or whatever notification is being made, it is all part of a 'plan.' The film is initially told that any product for which you are not going to spend money directly transforms you into a product. Also, nothing in the world comes to life without anything huge or grand with you for a curse.

In 'The Social Dilemma,' you will be disturbed to see how the AI from the other side is keeping eyes on you every moment, and it is motivating you to follow what they want to show you. Your feelings and reactions have been controlled, keeping an eye on where you are and what kind of people around you. The more you spend time on your mobile, the more you fall into their claws. How children's behavior is changing because of these social media sites, how they are risking their lives as part of a false propaganda campaign, all of which are disclosed in this film. And, the most dangerous disclosure is that these AI machines that they are no longer under the control of anyone. They are creating a new world on their own. The future of this world is horrifying.

Director Jeff Orlowski, who directed 'Changing' and 'Changing Coral.' After interacting with the old unabashed social media sites, when the film is moving towards its epilogue, the question arises, what will happen if all this goes on? Experts point out that fake news on Twitter spreads six times faster than real news.  It is also mentioned in this documentary that there are no tools are that can identify or can control fake news. Also, Facebook is the best tool if the people of a country have to be mentally enslaved. It was also shown how the situation worsened in the country where mobile vendors started making Facebook account while selling phones to people. No one is ready to listen to anyone now. Nobody is willing to obey anyone else. This is the biggest social-religious crisis, which is 'The Social dilemma.' That is the real message of this film. Netflix should dub it in multiple languages so that people can understand how they being controlled by these tech companies. 

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