As there is a continuous increase in Covid cases in the nation, individuals are attempting to play it safe to shield themselves from the lethal microorganism. From cleaning hands to wearing the twofold cover, individuals are doing each piece to guarantee their wellbeing in this testing time. In the meantime, there is one more worry of individuals with respect to washing their vegetables and natural products in the midst of COVID-19. 

As indicated by World Health Organization, individuals should wash leafy foods a similar way they do in some other conditions. In the FAQ, WHO likewise referenced that as of now there is no proof that individuals can get Covid from food, including products of the soil. New products of the soil are essential for a solid eating routine and their utilization ought to be empowered. 

Ensure that whenever you bring the fruits or vegetables home, clean them before placing them in the refrigerator or consuming it. The right way was washing your fruits & vegetables is simple just wash them under clean tap water, so the dust or any type of germs get cleaned. Below are the two always keep them before cleaning vegetables & fruits.

  • Prior To Washing Vegetables And Organic Products, Wash Your Hands With Cleanser And Water 

Individuals should wash their hands appropriately with a cleanser and water for 20 seconds and from that point forward, you should wash the vegetables. 

  • Wash Your Vegetables With Clean Water! 

You need to wash your vegetables and organic products in clean water and you can rub them with your hands to clean them. This is the basic and most effortless approach to clean foods grown from the ground. 

Can Covid Live On The Outside Of Food Bundling? 

There is no proof that the Covid can live on the outside of food bundling. As indicated by WHO, "Covid need a live creature or human host to duplicate and endure and can't increase on the outside of food bundles. It isn't important to sanitize food bundling materials, however, hands ought to be appropriately washed in the wake of dealing with food bundles and prior to eating." 

Discussing the Covid cases in the country, India revealed 4,01,993 new instances of COVID-19 and 3,523 passings just now.