Vodafone Idea has discontinued the double data offer on prepaid plans coming with 1.5GB daily data benefit. Telecom operator Vodafone Idea has released this change to all through an update on its website, and now the double data offer banner is only visible for prepaid plans that provide 2GB of data per day. This means that the prepaid plans of Rs 599 and Rs 399 from Vodafone Idea, which provided you with 1.5GB of data per day, will no longer get additional data benefits. However, if we are going to provide an additional 2GB of data per day to all customers, prepaid plans priced at Rs 299, Rs 449, and Rs 699 that comes with 2GB daily data benefit, this means that you are yet to have daily 4GB of data in these plans.

The change in the plans for double data offers in the prepaid plan section on the Vodafone website is going to be clear. You can tell you that the company has made changes to its prepaid plans of Rs 399 and Rs 599, and now you are not being offered double data. These plans offer 1.5GB data gain per day, unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day, Vodafone Play subscription, and Zee5 subscription. The validity of both plans is 56 days and 84 days, respectively. Listings on these plans can be seen as double data offers have been removed. The Idea website is showing a similar change to users, especially on the Idea Cellular network. It may be recalled that recently the prepaid data plan priced at Rs 299 on behalf of Vodafone Idea was introduced on behalf of the company with double data offer.

Vodafone Idea Double Data Tariff Plans:

The double data offer offered by Vodafone Idea starts from Rs 299, it is offering you 4GB data per day for a validity of 28 days. You are also getting unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day on all networks in this plan. All these double data tariff plans are available to you with a subscription to Vodafone Play priced at Rs 499 and zee5 subscription priced at Rs 999. In addition, if we church the next plan for Rs 399, you tell you that you are getting 3GB daily data in this plan, and the commodity of this plan is 56 days. You are also getting unlimited calling in this plan, and you are also getting a subscription of Vodafone Play and Zee5 with 100 SMS per day.

Thereafter, the plan priced at Rs 449 is in the list of this tariff plan. Let's tell you that the commodity of this plan is 56 days, and you are getting 4GB of data per day. You are also getting 100 SMS per day in addition to unlimited calling. You also get a subscription to Vodafone Play and Zee5.

In some circles, the tariff recharge plan is being offered on behalf of the company with Rs 599, the commodity of this plan is 84 days, and you are being given 3GB daily data, besides, in the plan, you are also being given 100 SMS per day with unlimited calling. Moreover, the list also comes with a plan of Rs 699 from Vodafone Idea, in this plan, you get 4GB daily data, and you also get 84 days of the commodity in this plan. In the plan, you also get 100 SMS per day with unlimited calling. You also get a subscription to Vodafone Play and Zee5.

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