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In several countries, Indians are permitted to travel without a visa. However, one of these nations has now opted to end visa-free entry. This choice was made to enforce the European Visa Policy and to halt unauthorized residents. As a result, according to the announcement, Indian passport holders won't be able to enter that country after January 1, 2023, unless they have a current visa.


Which country made this big decision?

According to the Serbian government's decision, all Indians would no longer be able to enter Serbia without a visa for 30 days. In September 2017, entrance without a visa became available. Indian nationals, however, who are currently traveling without a visa in Serbia will be granted up to 30 days. After that, granting a visa will be required. Based on the visa-free entrance in Serbia, Indians cannot travel to other nations, even those neighbors of Serbia and other European nations.


The government in this country used to grant diplomatic and official Indian passport holders 90 days of visa-free entry, compared to just 30 days for regular passport holders. No Indian national would be permitted to travel to this country without a visa after this rule goes into effect at the start of the new year.


Indian Embassy issued advisor.

Following this declaration by Serbia, advice addressing the modification of the visa requirements was released by both Serbia and the Indian Embassy in Belgrade (Servia Rule Changed). According to the warning, anyone wishing to visit Serbia after January 1 must request a visa through the Delhi Embassy or the consulate of his country of residence. Only those with valid visas will be permitted to travel.


Visa-free travel is still allowed for these people.

According to the advice, Indian nationals with valid Schengen, UK, or USA visas or who legally reside in one of these countries may still enter Serbia for up to 90 days. Additionally, these persons have access to travel to these locations. However, they will not be permitted to go to their neighboring nations.