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Visa-free nations! Any Indian's passport becomes the most significant document when traveling abroad. The number of nations that offer services to visitors from your country depends on how highly ranked your passport is worldwide.

In light of this, India has now climbed to number 80 on the Henley Passport Index list, which was announced on Tuesday. This time, the Indian passport is ranked five positions higher than it was in the Henley Passport Index ranking for 2022.


57 countries now do not require Indian passport holders to obtain a visa to enter. Indian citizens can enter these nations without a visa or with a visa on arrival. In the case of visa on arrival, travelers receive their visas at the airport as soon as they arrive in the destination nation. Its procedure is likewise simple, which has several advantages for the passengers.


On the other hand, Indian nationals must first apply for a visa for 177 countries. Only after an investigation do they receive a visa. These nations also comprise the United States, China, Japan, Russia, and the entirety of the European Union.


Singapore's passport is the most powerful.

According to the Henley Report, Singapore's passport has surpassed Japan to become the most powerful passport in the world. With a Singapore passport, you can enter 192 countries without a visa. At the same time, Japan, which ranked first for the previous five years, is now in third place. On the other hand, America, which once ranked first, is currently in eighth place.


Travelers from India can enter these 57 nations without a visa or with one on arrival. Study the entire list.


1. Fiji

2. Marshall Islands

3. Micronesia

4. Niue

5. Palau Island

6. Samoa

7. Tuvalu

8. Vanuatu

9. Iran

10. Jordan

11. Oman

12. Qatar

13. Albania

14. Serbia

15. Barbados

16. British Virgin Islands

17. Dominica

18. Granada

19. Haiti

20. Jamaica

21. Montserrat

22. St. Kitts and Nevis

23. St Vincent and the Grenadines

24. Trinidad and Tobago

25. Cambodia

26. Indonesia

27. Bhutan

28. Saint Lucia

29. Laos

30. Macao

31. Maldives

32. Myanmar

33. Nepal

34. Sri Lanka

35. Thailand

36. Timor-Leste

37. Bolivia

38. Gabon

39. Guinea-Bissau

40. Madagascar

41. Mauritania

42. Mauritius

43. Mozambique

44. Rwanda

45. Senegal

46. ​​Seychelles

47. Sierra Leone

48. Somalia

49. Tanzania

50. Togo

51. Tunisia

52. Zimbabwe

53. Cape Verde Island

54. Comoro Islands

55. Burundi

56. Kazakhstan

57. El Salvador


The weakest passport of this country in the world

According to the most recent assessment, Afghanistan's passport is the worst in the world, whereas Singapore has the strongest one globally. Iraq and Syria are the following two countries on the list, following Afghanistan. The status of Pakistan's passport could be in better shape simultaneously. The fourth-weakest passport in the world is that of Pakistan. Only 33 nations do not require a visa to travel to Pakistan.