Putting all stereotypes to shame, Parul Arora, a girl from Ambala is here to redefine the art of gymnastics. A sari is usually viewed as something sacred, traditional and formal, but Parul effortlessly showcased the flexibility of the garment by choosing a sari to attempt some flawless gymnastic moves.

In the viral video spotting all over the internet, you can see the smooth transition of a girl in a sari to a gymnast putting her outfit into good use. All this makes you wonder just one thing, how?!

Doing a front or a backflip might not seem like a big deal but try attempting that backflip in a saree and you’ll have yourself a challenge. This was a child's play for Parul Arora who we later discovered had been a National level gold medalist gymnast confirming that the video was indeed real. This all makes sense now, right? We were as surprised as you are! Parul is being appreciated all over social media from everybody including celebs.

Appreciation is the least of concerns for this superwoman as she is showcasing her talents for a cause. She wants people to know that traditional attire should not just be limited to the four walls inside the house or special occasions but can be cherished anywhere and everywhere!

Leaving sarees be, Parul is also seen performing in an Anarkali with high heels. Yes you heard that right, high heels! Some of us can barely walk in those. Hats off to this woman.

This Ambala girl left gymnastics 2 years ago and is pursuing it only for her social media to encourage women and spread a message. Now the question comes, why would a budding star leave her passion in the high tide of her career? The reason is heartwarming. Parul left her art to support her family back in 2018. She went ahead to work and back her family financially. Her family and friends are extremely proud of her growth both in the field of gymnastics and life. She truly is an embodiment of a strong Indian woman inside and out. Watch all her videos and see for yourself!


Image Credits: DNA India