The confrontation between the US and China has reached its zenith. The US has taken stern steps against China and asked Beijing to close the Consulate General in Houston within 72 hours. The Chinese Communist Party government said the US has asked the consulate general in Houston to close. The Trump administration's move has badly flared up Beijing. One of his officials has termed the move as derogatory and unfair.

On the other hand, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has reacted sharply to the US move, saying it is a surprise move. China said it is America's madness move. This will further worsen the relations between the two countries. It is a unilateral move of the US, "the ministry said. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin has condemned the action that has increased tensions between the world's two largest economies. Wang has cautioned that China will also react if the US does not withdraw its decision. China alleged that US security officials harassed diplomatic staff and students and seized personal equipment and took them into custody for no reason.

Chinese employees burn confidential documents: 

On the other hand, Houston chronicle, quoting police, said that smoke has been seen from inside since the embassy closure order. As media reports, Chinese employees are burning confidential documents. The news reporter's video showed several people around several dustbins with fire in the consulate's forecourt. Houston's firefighter and police have told the New York Post that the consulate office has responded to the fire.

This week, the Indian Navy had carried out military exercises along the Andaman and Nicobar Islands coast with the US Navy. In this joint exercise, the US Navy used the world's largest vessel, USS Nimitz. After India, the US has now started maneuvers with the navies of Japan and Australia in the Philippines Sea, about 4000 km away from the disputed part of the South China Sea.

The US trying to put pressure on China:

China has not been named in the official statement issued on the exercise. China claims most parts of the South China Sea. According to information, 12 fighter jets and nine warships are being used in the three-country exercise. In this exercise, the US has also included USS Ronald Reagan. The US is trying to put constant pressure on China.

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