We now depend so heavily on UPI Payment Apps for all of the transactions that we often complete a large number of them in a single day, at which point it becomes clear that we have exceeded the daily transaction cap. But what is the daily UPI transaction limit? Customers frequently ask about this query, which is currently being discussed in Parliament.


The question raised in Parliament regarding UPI Transaction Limit

Lok Sabha Member Dushyant Singh asked in a written question in Parliament, is there any limit on the number of online transactions that may be made through a bank on UPI payment applications like Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe every day? If yes, then what is it?


Together with it he also asked about other matters, such as the specifics and justifications of the restriction regulation. For example, does this limit only apply to public sector banks? Would this hamper the government's efforts to make India a digital nation?


What was the government's response to UPI Transaction Limit?

According to the Minister of State for IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, there is a limit on online payments or transactions that can be made through the bank in a single day when using UPI payment. On January 10, 2023, the most recent instructions published by the National Payment Corporation stated that only 20 person-to-person transactions could be made from a bank account in 24 hours.


The initial transaction's time will be considered the beginning time in this scenario. This cap has been set to uphold UPI usage guidelines and safeguard customers from potential financial fraud.


The Union Minister stated in his written response that this limit applies to public sector banks, including banks that are UPI UCO, system members. To boost client adoption of UPI and the penetration of digital payments, NPCI periodically modifies the UPI limit.