The digital payment platform google Pay will soon see major changes. A new standard interface for payment is being created on behalf of Google. This has been disclosed in Google Blog Post. Google Pay's new UI has been rolled out for many users who have Pixel phones. However, soon Google Pay will start getting updates to the rest of the smartphone. Google Pay's beta update will be made available to Singapore and Indian users. This update will be for iOS users with Android. Google Pay will be given a clean and flexible interface on behalf of the company. The entire code of the interface has been rewritten on behalf of the company. The new interface will be seen very soon.

What will be the changes Gpay app: 

According to the android police report, the bottom tab has been removed in the new interface, and all navigation has been shifted to the Hamburger menu. The new home page will only see a scrolling list of payment cards and loyalty cards. The floating action button of the bottom right corner will also enable new payment cards, loyalty programs, gift cards, and transit tickets to be added. Through the entry of the hamburger menu, you will be able to reorder the payment. At the same time, you will be able to see the activity of the inspire pass. The upper side of the home menu will be given a new payment method option. The payment method will also see some changes.

India is the biggest userbase of Google Pay:

Google Pay was launched in India on September 18, 2017, three years ago today. Google Pay has recently become the most downloaded payment app in the world. It was downloaded on an average of 10 million, about 1 million times a month, all over the world. India is a big userbase of Google Pay. 78 lakh people in India have downloaded Google Pay.

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