Every second child in India is malnourished. A report released on Monday by UNICEF provides extremely shocking figures. This is the situation when every year, nearly 1 lakh crore grains are wasted in the country. When it is resolved to rid the whole world population of starvation by 2030. India is also associated with this goal of UNICEF.  So the Indian government has only 11 years left to free the country from hunger. To achieve a big goal like this in such a short time, It is essential to reduce the difference between rich-poor, and food should bot be wasted.

As per the UNICEF report, two billion people worldwide are not well fed, which leads to an increase in diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Formula milk sales have increased by up to 40% worldwide. Only 2 out of 5 infants under the age of 6 months are getting breast milk. Around one third out of 70 million children under the age of 5 all over the world are at risk of suffering from a life-threatening disease. In emerging countries, 14 million out of 90 million children under the age of 4, not growing as per average body growth. Nearly half of the children under the age of five worldwide are not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals.

As per reports, if India wants to become the superpower of the world, then it has to rise too much from this position as its current rank in the Global Hunger Index is 102. This index shows that the current crucial situation of malnutrition, child malnutrition, the death rate of children, and abnormal body growth in a child is terrible in the country.

United Nation, Food and Agriculture Organization, disclosed report which shows 19 crore people got to bed hungry every night. India has the highest at 14.5%. According to these reports, many of these people do not have the food both times. United Nations Global Nutrition Report-2018 states that 3000 children die every day in India due to diseases related to malnutrition. This is the case when India is the biggest producer of buffalo milk in the world and the second-largest producer of fresh vegetables, fruit, and fish all over the world. 

image credit : yahoo news singapure