Keeping a sound way of life and beginning a weight reduction excursion can get overpowering. Numerous individuals come and mention to us what to eat and keep away from. Assuming not this, an eating routine diagram from your dietitian can likewise astound you from numerous points of view. Since chapatis are a staple in Indian families, it very well may be hard to substitute them with different fixings. In any case, changing the wheat to different choices may help you. 

The Following Are Some Unique Delicious Chapatis That Will Be Ideal For Your Eating Regimen: 

Oats Chapati 

This sans gluten grain is known to be plentiful in a few nutrients, filaments, cancer prevention agents, and minerals. It is known to help in weight reduction, improve cholesterol and glucose also. To make oats chapati, first, take one cup of oats and refine it to transform into a flour consistency. Presently you should simply blend the oats flour with water and ply a batter. At the point when the oats mixture is prepared, carry out your chapatis. 

Jau Ki Chapati 

Jau (or grain) is known to improve your processing, low cholesterol and might diminish heart infections. For jau ki roti, you would require grain flour and massage a mixture with tepid water. At the point when the mixture is prepared, cook your chapati. 

Ragi Roti 

Ragi is known to be high in proteins and helps you in weight reduction, improving your skin and hair. To make this, take one cup of ragi flour and work the batter with tepid water. The tepid water will assist with restricting the flour appropriately. At that point prepare your chapati and remember it for your eating routine. 

Bajra flour 

In the event that you are searching for a without gluten, fiber-rich chapati, begin having bajra rotis in your eating regimen and avoid normal wheat Rotis! While the high fiber content guarantees that you say bye-bye to superfluous eating and be fuller for more, magnesium and other fundamental nutrients guarantee that you stay fit as a fiddle and cut out swelling and water maintenance.

Jowar Roti 

For the foundation of this roti, take the jowar grains and granulate them to a flour-like consistency. At the point when the flour is shaped consolidate the jowar flour with tepid water and work the batter. Cook this on medium fire. Jowar is known to help in heart wellbeing, support resistance and is additionally wealthy in different supplements. 

Image Credit: Times Of India