In India, a license is required to drive from one state to another. There are various actions to obtain this permission, which is essential knowledge for people who drive. Let us inform you of the necessary steps to take permission.


Step 1: NOC Certificate.

From the Regional Transport Office (RTO), request a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in the same state that previously provided you with a driver's license. You will be permitted to drive a vehicle in other states on behalf of your state with this certificate.


Step 2: Remember to carry important documents.

>> Original state-issued driver's license. Other states require certain documentation to be on hand when applying for a driving license. You must download an application form from the RTO website. You must fill out this form for the state to which you must travel.

>> You can use your Aadhaar card, voter ID, or passport as proof of your home address.

>> Birth certificates, passports, or tenth-grade transcripts can all be used to determine the age.

>> Moreover, 5-6 passport-size photos.

>> Additionally, keep any documents that are connected to your state with you, per RTO guidelines.


Step 3: RTO Office

Go to the state's RTO office, where the transfer of a driver's license is needed, and submit the application form and all other paperwork.


Step 4: Submit the payment amount

Pay the amount required for the driving license transfer authorization. The amount could change depending on the state.


Step 5: Driving Test

It will be necessary to take the driving test to obtain a license if the state's RTO office maintains the demand. Only you will receive a driving license if you pass the driving test.


Step 6: Get a Transferred Driving License

After completing all these steps, you can pick up your transferred driving license from the RTO office if your application is approved. These procedures can be used to obtain a driver's license from any other state. It's important to remember that every state may have a unique approach.