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Kids are born scientists. They love to investigate their surroundings, and there’s continually something new to find and more things to ask. If your maturing space expert, chemist or physicist aches to penetrate down through the subtleties and you simply would prefer not to tidy up the wreckage after your little one experiments’ in the kitchen, there’s an app to your rescue. Your cell phone or tablet is simply hanging tight to demonstrate to them our extraordinary universe, thanks to these 4 splendid science gaming apps designed for kids. 

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

This is a great gaming app for kids which lists down all the fundamental data that children should know about our planetary system. This will fill in as an incredible springboard for further examination and research.  It will help them find interesting facts about planets, sun, moon etc. This is a flawlessly created instructive application which is enhanced with music, animations and play. 


This app is a fabulous asset on its own. It is a colossal app that any kid or parent will discover interesting, fulfilling, addictive, useful and amazing. The ZooMoo Television Network engages youngsters with fun-filled anecdotes about the animal kingdom. It is designed to let the kids fall in love and affection with the animals and understand the concept of animal conservation. This application enables kids to interact with the animals and develop their understanding about them. 

Plants by Tinybop

Children can find out about animals, plants, seasons, and general climate of the desert and the calm forest biomes. When a kid clicks on any plant, they get to know about its name and the general characteristics. Children can tap on a cloud to make it rain and watch as the seed develops into a grown-up plant. Children can turn a dial to see what occurs from dawn to dusk and how the biomes change with the seasons. 

This is my body – Anatomy for kids

This is an unbelievable application that draws kids into finding all the intriguing facts about their body in an amusing way. It is an extremely valuable app for the presentation of introductory aspects of related with humans and animals. The blend of content, questions, narration and entertaining yet instructive animation and graphics make this application a useful addition to understand a complex topic. By and large, this application is a commendable expansion to a primary teacher’s tool kit who is looking for an intriguing way to teach about animals and humans to the students. 

The attention on STEM in the previous couple of years has given a boost to mind boggling educative products and applications for children to investigate science from an extremely youthful age. We as parents realize that science is all over and why it’s so vital to learn about it. With these applications coming so handy, it’s incredible to demonstrate kids how fun science can be, and how it’s a part of anything they as of now do and see.