India is filled with diversities, although every month is exceptional, but the month of December comes people are preparing for a new year's reception. Apart from Christmas, there are many more festivals in December that are seen to be brighter. So if you are planning to celebrate the new year with fun, take a look at these festivals. These festivals will give you unique enjoyment and thrill. 

Rann Festival                                                     

This festival commences in October and ends on 23rd Feb 2020. The most ideal time to attend this festival is December. There will be many colorful programs, and you can also come here to enjoy adventure sports. You will get many options like camel riding, archery, and paramotoring.

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Hornbill Festival                                                 

The Hornbill Festival starts from 1st in December every year and ends on 10th December. It is famous all over the world. In this festival, tribals offer their traditional dance music. Which is a very good way to understand their lifestyle and culture. It is celebrated in Kohima, Nagaland.

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Hot Air Balloon Festival                                           

Most of the festivals in India are organized to promote art and culture, but there are some festivals in which you can join for adventure activities, and the hot air balloon festival is one of them. You can come here in December anytime, and become a part of it. It is celebrated in Hampi, Mysore.

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Konark Dance Festival                                            

The festival started in 1980, which is one of the special festival in Odisha today. The festival is organized to promote local culture and art. The 5-day festival focuses on dance and music. Artists from all over the country participate in it. This festival celebrated in December, mostly from 1 to 5, in the backdrop of the Sun temple in Konark, Odisha.

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Galdan Namchot                                                 

This festival is celebrated on 21st December in Ladakh, at the beginning of the Tibetan New Year. In which you can also become part of the multiple attractions. At the festival, people share the scarf to each other to express their happiness.

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Mamallapuram Dance Festival                                                                           

The festival is usually celebrated from December 25 to January 15 in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu. The 20-day festival has a dance in the backdrop of Pallava memorials every evening, where eminent artists from India perform their art near the Shore temple. You can enjoy the music combination of instruments playing in the festival and the natural music of the sea waves. 

Pachmarhi Festival                                              

Pachmarhi is a very beautiful hill station in Madhya Pradesh, and it gets doubled during the Panchmarhi festival. In this 6-day festival from 25 to 31 December, you can enjoy art, culture, exhibitions, fairs, and many other things.

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Bishnupur Fair                                                   

In West Bengal, Bishanpur people can come and see the glare of this fair, which is 5-day, from 27 to 31 December. You will be surprised to see the things made by the local artists here. This fair is organized by the Government here, where you can purchase items at an economical rate.

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Rajasthan Winter Festival                                           

The festival celebrated in Rajasthan and gives a chance to see different colors of the city at once. An exhibition of hand-made things is made by local artists. Also, the colorful events here attract tourists from afar. Boating In Naka Lake, kite competitions, and dance maintain the spirit of the Fair.

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Himachal Hills Festival (Kasol New Year Party)                             

If you are fond of music and want to celebrate New Year in peace, somewhere away from the race of the city. Kasol in Himachal is very beautiful, and the festival is quite different. With dancing and singing, you can also enjoy the fabulous catering of Himachal and Israel by joining this festival. There is also a camp arrangement to enjoy the festival which begins after 4.30 pm to all night.

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